from August 22 to 27, 2022



Italian baroque program, proposed:

Adriano Banchieri: the suonarino organ
Giulio Cesare Arresti: Sonatas by various composers
Anonymous Italian 17th century: Songs in basso continuo
(One work of your choice. Request scores to the organization when registering.)

Free Program:

Johann Sebastian Bach & Compositors barrocs alemanys

* Two works of your choice.


1. Program without free pedal:

Organ of Sant Felip Neri in Barcelona.

2. Free program:

Organ of Cabrera de Mar

One free piece for each organ.


Program of the Barcelona Music Museum

Aurelio Bonelli: Two-organ Toccatas

(request program from the organization)

or other renaissance authors works for 2 organs .


Deepening of the technical knowledge and interpretation of the works of the course. Development of organ preparation.


From June 1 to August 10, active students (limited places) and listeners are accepted.

La plaça queda reservada amb l’enviament de dades i l’abonament del dret d’inscripció(40€), retornable a l’alumne actiu excedent que no vulgui matricular-se d’oient.

1.- Registration Fees: 40 €

2.- TOTAL Registration:

a) ASSETS: 110€ Total

b) LISTENERS: 60€ Total

ESMUC students: 15% discount

Pagament Inscripció/ Pago Inscripción/ Enrolment Payement:

“Association for the Organ Music of Cabrera de Mar”. Compte Caixa / Cuenta Bancaria / Bank Account:

“Caixabank”: ES19. 2100.1379.05.0200063477

Download here the registration form

From June 1 to August 10, active students (limited places available) and listeners are admitted. The place is reserved with the sending of data and the payment of the registration fee (40€), returnable to the excess active student who does not wish to enroll as a listener.

3 Economic scholarship of 110€ each.

Deadline for application submission:01.07.2022

Attach resume of maximum ONE page or ONE page & ONE recorded program piece.

The student who requests the accreditation of the hours of the course may have the corresponding Certificate issued by the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña.

Course dossier and registration form

Download here the course documents and the PDF registration form.



From 15€/day.

If you are interested, please ask for information and conditions to the course coordination:

Coordinator: Carme Godall
Telèfon/ whattsapp: (00.34) – 659.138.328

TRAIN: “Vilassar de Mar-Cabrera de Mar” Station

More information, schedules and route.

Destination: BARCELONA (25km.)

BUS: C-16

More information, schedules and route.

Church square 4
(Barcelona – SPAIN)

Hygiene measures, disinfection and a distance of 2 meters at all times throughout the course are ensured.

– 22 August

Place: Sala Nova Ajuntament of Cabrera de Mar
16h a 18h Visit
20h. Presentation and delivery of documentation

– 23 August:

09:30 -13h Prof. M Torrent (San Felipe Neri organ)
15.30h – 18:00h Visit to organs
20h. – Opening Concert Cabrera de Mar parish church (Prof. G Iotti)

– From 24 a 26 August: (Program A&C)

9,15h – 10,15h Place: Can Bartomeu.T.Godall

10,30h. – 13,30h. / 16,30h. -19,00h. Teacher. G.Iotti

– 25 August 15h to 18h: Museum of Music of Barcelona

– 27 August: (Program A, B & C)

10,00h.-13,45h./. M.Torrent
17,00h.-19:00h. G.Iotti
20h. Concert

Do you have any questions? Contact us